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Eximo manufactures new range of steel branch pieces

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Eximo is now manufacturing its stainless steel and galvanised steel branch pieces to provide Australian industry with a higher quality product, a faster turnaround, and all this at a lower prices.

Product is available off-the-shelf immediately at a reduced price or custom-built at the company’s new standard price range with a mere five day turnaround.

Product carried in the company’s warehouse has all three branch ends of the same internal diameter and cost about a third of the customised solutions.

In combination with its new range of reducing cones, these uniform branches can be connected to a ducting system with any of the company’s longstanding lock rings (formerly Speedlock) to provide the appropriate diameter connection.

According to Eximo, this is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The quality of our product is now even better and the fact that we have its sitting on our shelves means it can be accessed instantly by our technical partners and the wider industrial community.

Because we are locally manufacturing tailored branch pieces, our five-day turnaround is arguably unrivalled in Australia and New Zealand and ensures that jobs are not stalled waiting for ducting.

Prices have also come down, which lessens the possibilities for cost blowouts on ducting installations.

For work that is fairly standard in a technical sense or urgent, the products that Eximo carries have uniform dimensions at each branch opening. In conjunction with reducing cones these allow the quick, secure, and precise fitting of virtually any dimension required.

Furthermore, these link sections where reducing cones join its branch pieces have been technically upgraded to allow Speedlock standard lock rings, lever lock rings or wide lock rings to be used.

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