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Eximo introduces accessories for 2mm-gauge solid ducting line

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article image Accessories for Speedlock 2

Eximo  has launched a new range of accessories for its 2mm-gauge solid ducting line, Speedlock 2.

These technology additions have eventuated as part of Eximo’s ongoing expansion seeing new technologies constantly introduced throughout 2007, coupled with a level of customisation not yet seen in the ducting industry in Australia or New Zealand.

New accessories for the Speedlock 2 line of products includes Standard Lock Rings, Lever Lock Rings, Wide Lock Rings, flexible hose spigots, flanges, hanging brackets and bracket legs, worm drive clamps, duct end seals and weld ends.

In addition, the line of accessories includes straight pieces; bends at 90°, 60°, 45°, 30°, 15° and 7.5°; telescopic pieces which can be put into ductwork so as to eliminate cutting and beading; branch pieces, T-pieces, Y-pieces; reducing cones and blast gates (manual and pneumatic).

Speedlock 2 is a high strength 2mm-thick ducting product for several industrial applications where durability, applicability and availability are key requirements.

Speedlock 2, provided in diameters ranging from 100mm to 1,000mm, which is hot dipped galvanised for extra wear and durability, also works in conjunction with Eximo’s Speedlock quick lock system for added expediency.

Speedlock 2 is a fully welded galvanised steel ducting system that carries the extra benefit of being an off the shelf product.

Or, in circumstances where specific requirements need to be met, it is quickly manufactured and delivered within four weeks.

The product line is highly suitable to all industries where ducting is exposed to high flow rates, constant use, and often in areas where the working environment can severely test the durability of a ducting system.

For this reason the Speedlock 2mm line of products is made to last, and is suitable anywhere in general industrial applications, agricultural and milling use, indoor and outdoor environments, steelworks, food manufacture, around high temperature, and many other uses.

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