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Eximo goes back to the future with ducting expert

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article image Ducting expert, Helen Roberts

One could say Helen Roberts has ducting in her veins—after nearly two decades in the industry, she literally lives and breathes ducting technology. After starting her career at Eximo , followed by a personal sabbatical of some six years, she has come back to the company tougher, wiser and ready to take Eximo’s premium ducting technology to the next level.

“I came back to Eximo Speedlock, because of their professionalism, their high standard of quality products and most importantly their position in the industrial ducting market place,” says Roberts

“I also have been in the industry for over 18 years and have built up very good relationships with customers. I wanted to continue looking after these customers with all their ducting needs. I feel with the years experience I have will be an asset to the forever growing Eximo Speedlock and their already professional staff”.

Roberts says another reason she came back to Eximo was due to their very good grasp of the industrial ducting industry, which they have built up over 25 years. 

“They build their company on service, integrity, quality and pricing, thus enabling them to look after all their customer’s needs.  They are always looking at new products and ideas to best service the Industrial ducting sector. In my opinion, Eximo Speedlock have always put their Customer’s first and listened to their needs, which I feel has made them different to the other companies in their field.”

“I feel that in the past 20 years, the industrial ducting sector has become more aware of our environment and our health.  They are now looking for the right products for their ducting applications, with the help of Eximo Speedlock providing these ducting products.  Both the employer and employee’s are much happier with a clean and healthy environment to work in, thus making their business much more productive.”

“Eximo Speedlock always is there to provide what ever is required by our Customer to complete their ducting requirements”.

Asked as to what is the most satisfying part of her job, she says... “that being able to assist in all my customer’s ducting needs, by providing them with Eximo Speedlock’s quality product range and my technical experience, what product is most suitable for their applications and seeing that the customer is thoroughly satisfied with the end results,”...is what gives her the biggest kick in her daily routine.

Furthermore, she says that in looking forward...“there is a growing future for industrial ducting, as the more we can educate our customer’s need for Eximo Speedlock’s Modular Ducting Systems for dust, fume and air extraction to make workplaces more environmentally-friendly, the more customer’s will expand on their factories and add to our growing economy.”

As for her own personal ambitions, Roberts says, “My ambition is to be a big part of Eximo Speedlock becoming even a stronger force in the industrial ducting sector.” 

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