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Eximo ducting still sucks - after all these years

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Its been 20 years since Eximo started selling its air extraction technology, and in that time, it would be hard to quantify just how many cubic metres of contaminant-ridden air the company’s ducting technology has actually removed.

Suffice to say from an occupational health and safety perspective, every granule of removed dust, grit or welding flux has been well worth it, says Eximo General Manager Melissa Phelps.

Air contamination within any production process can and will lead to product recalls, production losses, financial imposts, a fall in consumer confidence, possible regulatory penalties and not to mention the potential and far-reaching implications on worker safety, says Mrs. Phelps.

“Add to that the possibility of litigation and the associated bad publicity, then the air we breathe when we work takes on a whole new dimension”, she points out.

The company has become something of a by-word in a number of industrial sectors for its ability to not only clean the air, but also to be able to customize its designs to fit into any industrial process imaginable.

Furthermore she notes, the potentially nefarious by-products of a manufacturing process may also contaminate the very air needed by production staff to function properly, a situation that could lead to grave safety implications.

Invisible contaminants such as airborne paper dust, aerosols, wood dusts, oil mist, ink dust, food additive residues, metal dusts, chemical fumes and the like can cause eye, throat and skin irritations which over time can lead to permanent hyper sensitivity of workers and staff alike.

“We have Eximo products in the car making industry, in food production, chemical manufacture, pharmaceuticals, mining, metalworking, papermaking and word working areas. In fact, I can’t think of one industry where an Eximo product would not prove a benefit for the user, says Mrs. Phelps.

“And”, she adds, “If we don’t have a ducting product available on the shelf for a particular application, we will design one especially for that purpose if need be”.  

“The air we breathe is very important. And the air that comes into contact not only with human lungs but also with food products, drugs or even some metal surfaces has to be of the highest quality. If it’s not, that’s when costly problems can begin to arise”, says Mrs. Phelps.

For many Australian companies, although ducting technology was hardly unknown, up until now, the costs associated with managing their air quality have been high, requiring numerous inputs from specialist consultants, maintenance companies and equipment suppliers.

Moreover, if not done correctly, managing and coordinating this effort can turn into a time consuming and costly task.

Mrs. Phelps says that these costs can be easily mitigated and the potential for product contamination or worker injury can be greatly minimised by the use of efficient, well-designed and cost-effective ducting, along with the years of accumulated expertise from a company such as Eximo.

And she notes, that by employing a company like Eximo, with over two decades of experience behind it, is a sure way to know the job of air cleaning will be done properly.
“With Eximo, you are not just buying our proven ducting technology—you also are getting our intellectual property as well—two decades of accumulated industry knowledge and experience that will serve you in good stead for many years to come”, Mrs. Phelps concludes.

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