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Eximo develops sealed version of its pneumatic blast gate

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Ducting specialist Eximo has taken its successful pneumatic blast gate technology by developing a sealed version with which it will replace old units at no cost for all existing customers.

Eliminating noise and reducing leakage down to less than one quarter of a percent, Eximo’s sealed pneumatic blast gate uses a silicon gasket and a teflon slide for a thorough seal.

Firstly, it lowers unnecessary load on the filter by maintaining a constant design pressure drop across the dust collector filter media.

Secondly, because the blast gate stops what is essentially a wasted extraction action on a machine that is switched off, the system experiences overall correct conveying velocities.

And thirdly, hood face velocity is optimised.

The Eximo pneumatic blast gate ensures that when a machine shuts down less air would flow through the system to reduce load on the filter media and lower the relative power consumption at the same time. The overall power consumption is kept down to a minimum.

The advantages of using Eximo’s pneumatic blast gate are:

  • Smaller dust collector
  • Maintenance of constant pressure drop across filter media
  • Lower power consumption
  • Guaranteed design hood face velocity at all times

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