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Eximo adds new ribbed design to its steel ducting range

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article image Speedlock 1 galvanised steel ducting

Air quality specialist Eximo has added a ribbed design to all its 1mm-thick Speedlock 1 galvanised steel ducting product that is 500mm diameter or more.

By rolling ribs into the modular duct, Eximo has been able to produce a technology that has 25% more lateral strength than traditional modular duct.

Therefore, when being installed it need fewer mounts and fixtures to achieve the same level of performance.

This change coincides with other improvements made to Speedlock 1 accessories including reducing cones, branch pieces and sealed blast gates.

Eximo aims to automatically supply all galvanised duct product over 500mm as ribbed duct.

Eximo recommends that in all installations involving long runs, those one-metre sections are primarily used for added strength.

Speedlock 1 is a high strength 1mm-thick ducting product for many industrial applications where durability, applicability and availability are key to requirements.

Asia-Pacific Region Sales and Marketing Manager for Eximo, Morris Short, says industry has been looking for something more affordable to compete with spiral ducting for specific applications.

“Apart from being ribbed and thus stronger so it requires less fixtures or mounts, it is also now a lot more modular, so users can derive similar benefits for relocation as they have traditionally done with Eximo Speedlock ducting technologies.

“This 1mm ducting also provides a very easy ‘swap in, swap out’ facility for fast relocation or quick replacement of sections with little or no disruption to production.

“And just as importantly, we are manufacturing with respect to environmental responsibility as well, so Eximo Speedlock 1 ribbed ducting also has a high recycling rate in factory reconfiguration.’

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