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FOR a business to grow and prosper, a strategic plan that is supported by shareholders and staff is needed. This is best done using a formal strategic planning system, explains Executive Consultancy Service , who has formulated a Strategic Planning System for this purpose.

The first stage of the strategic planning system produces a business purpose and not a Vision or Mission as usually recommended. A statement of vision or mission can be written as an outcome of a systematic strategic planning process, not as the first input.

As an associate of the world's most experienced strategic planning consultants, Viz Argenti Systems in the United Kingdom, Executive Consultancy Service know that an organisation's long term prosperity depends upon identifying the half dozen key issues that can make or break it in future years.

A step by step, checklist-based search through all possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can help managers find these major elephant sized strategic issues. They can be anything including changes in the economy, skills shortages, taxation, industrial relations, government regulation, energy prices, interest rates, technological complexity, sourcing of materials and products and trends in the market, depending on the unique circumstances and strategic aspirations of the business.

The Argenti Strategic Planning system guides a chief executive and their strategic planning team through the jungle of data in search of these strategic elephants. The system then shows the team how to develop a set of strategies and action plans. It includes a manual downloadable to all managers’ computers, setting out the logical five stage process, planning assistant guidelines, and a hypertext knowledge base, together with tailored email support.

The key strengths of such a strategic planning system are simplicity, ease of introduction, inclusiveness and involving key staff. Some of the world's most successful companies, large and small, in many industries, have a strategic planning system.

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