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Industrial firewall/VPN system

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article image Features extensive facilities for diagnosis.

EXCELL Control distributes the EAGLE family security system, which provides authentication, integrity and confidentiality of communication within production networks and also beyond the boundaries of the company.

The devices are available with a choice of twisted pair and optical ports for the trusted and the untrusted port. An external analogue modem can be connected to the EAGLE via the built in V.24.

Features include:

* Firewall or firewall with VPN functionality

* Stateful inspection firewall

* VPN: IPSec, L2TP

* Modi: Router, Single Client Transparent, Multi Client Transparent

* Trusted and untrunsted port each with: 10/100Base - Twisted Pair Ports; Optical Ports, Multimode, Singlemode, Long Haul

* V.24 Port: for configuration, modem access or connection of auto-configuration adapter

* Redundant 24V power supply

* Extensive facilities for diagnosis: LEDs, signalling contact, logfiles

* Management: Serial, HTTPS, SNMP V1/V2/V3, HiVision

* Further functionalities: DHCP Server, DHCP Client, NTP, DynDNS, HiDiscovery, support of Hirschmann L2 redundancy concepts.

Using the EAGLE in router mode ensures the segmentation of subnets can be realised. Due to the transparent modi in combination with filtering rules of the stateful inspection firewall, the implementation of security mechanisms into industrial networks is very user-friendly.

A further advantage of the transparent modi (the system functions as a bridge), is there are no further changes or re-configurations of the IP parameters integrating the EAGLE into the network.

With the integrated DHCP server service ports for external service, staff can be realised securely and easily.

As worldwide analogue modems are used for remote maintenance quite often, these modems can be connected to the V.24 port of the EAGLE and firewall rules can be defined for this connection. Therefore a well defined remote access to certain devices in the network is possible and access to other systems in the network is prevented.

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