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Pick Pack order processing by Exalt

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Pick Pack warehousing involves numerous picks of small items, often less than a full carton, and usually in higher volumes than traditional bulk palletised fulfilment.  

With Pick Pack order processing, the warehouse can transact orders for specific end customers, without having to move stock and process it at an alternate location.  

This Pick Pack system is also suited to ebay sellers, on-line sellers, or any business with a high volume of small transactions. These businesses often find that they need to supply only a few items per order.     

Exalt Fulfilment offers complex, high volume, Pick Pack warehouse activities. They service on-line businesses, ebay sellers and traditional businesses who have realised the value of this system to their businesses. Without the 3rd party Pick Pack option, the cost of processing small orders for these businesses would be too high and would often result in the need to impose minimum order restrictions.    

A Pick Pack warehouse solution is often much lower cost than expected due to the volumes involved. It is a sensible option for businesses selling low cost products.

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