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THE Exalt Direct Services Program is a unique solution delivering maximum benefit to the customer through volume based rates, high level supplier performance and access to a wide range of third party services. This article explains the different stages of the program’s process.

Exalt 4th Party Solutions states that their Direct Services Program will quickly deliver lower rates and higher performance of selected third party service(s) and with minimal requirements from the client’s business.

Exalt Direct Services Programs process

Stage 1 - Service and price enquiry

The first stage of the process involves a customer contacting Exalt with a requirement for a selected third party service. The basic information required to return pricing by Exalt can be entered through the website, sent by email, or may be collected during a phone conversation.

Stage 2 - More information

In the instances of larger requirements, or more complex services, Exalt may be required to collect further information about the service, including product or geographic information, individual requirements, pricing etc.

Stage 3 - Pricing

Once pricing has been obtained from the supplier or provider, Exalt will forward a written quotation to the customer, detailing the pricing for the service and all further required information, including credit and billing information. The quotations will be valid for 30 days from the date of the quote. Attached with the quotation will be the terms and conditions of the program and this implementation’s stages document.

Stage 4 - Acceptance

A customer must put in writing an acceptance of the quotation and associated terms and conditions in order for the services to commence. An expected commencement date will be scheduled.

Stage 5 - Introduction

Depending on the service, either the provider information will be communicated to the customer by Exalt, or a representative of the supplier will make direct contact with the customer to set up contact information and individual account arrangements.

Stage 6 - Commencement

The client’s new service will commence as quickly as possible and will be overseen by both the new provider and Exalt staff.

Stage 7 - Program fee

If a customer is new to the Direct Services Program, an invoice with an amount plus GST will be sent within the first few weeks of trading by Exalt. This membership fee is a once only payment to commence on the program. When a customer is adding an extra service, a fee plus GST is set per service to cover administrative costs associated with the start up.

Stage 8 - Billing

As per the terms and conditions of the selected service, the customer will be invoiced at the end of the billing term either directly by the supplier or by Exalt. The terms and conditions must be adhered too to keep the pricing low, so strict compliance is required.

Stage 9 - Communication

The new provider for the service will always be the first point of contact for orders, enquiries and all customer service queries. For billing enquiries the customer contacts the invoicing party (either Exalt or the supplier). During the ongoing term of service customers can contact Exalt about any of their services. Customers who are a member of the Direct Services program can also use Exalt as a point of contact for queries or concerns. Exalt will continue to act on behalf of the customer and provide as much assistance as required free of charge.

Stage 10 - Follow up

The Direct Services Program aims to be a long-term solution for customers, delivering an increasingly widening range of services and unbeatable price and performance levels. During the time the customer is on the program, Exalt will keep in close contact collecting feedback and performance information to continue to act on behalf of the customer.

Exalt carries out monthly performance reviews across all suppliers and represents all customers collectively - the greater the feedback the better the management of the supplier can be achieved.

Exalt also continues to keep in contact with customers to promote awareness of the range of services offered and when lower cost alternate providers become available.

For enquires, pricing, membership or further information on the Direct Services program contact Exalt and ask for the direct services department.

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