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3rd Party Warehousing by Exalt Group

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The Exalt fulfilment division is involved in the delivery of 3rd Party Warehousing and associated services.  

The concept of 3rd Party Warehousing is rapidly growing in Australia. At some point, most businesses consider or opt to outsource warehousing and storage. The truth is that 3rd Party Warehousing brings a range of benefits and cost advantages.  

Put simply, 3rd Party Warehousing involves moving the storage, handling, and despatch of products to a company which specialises in these services. These 3rd party companies are totally geared up for Logistics handling and, therefore can do it effectively and efficiently. 3rd Party Warehousing is almost always cheaper than in-house solutions. In 99% of cases of businesses with less than 1000 pallets of storage 3rd Party Warehousing will be a lower cost option.  

Also, a business can benefit from the add-on services which accompany 3rd Party Warehousing. These include:  

  • Full inventory traceability
  • BOM setup
  • Variable storage charges
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Pallet, carton or inner item picking (pick pack)
  • Multi carrier despatch, assembly
  • Cycle counting

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