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Strategic Collaboration Between Exact Software and TU Delft

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Exact Software  and the TU Delft signed a long-term strategic collaboration agreement that will allow the two organisations to share their knowledge and expertise to develop new technologies, products and services. The alliance will also promote Delft as an IT centre for excellence in the Netherlands.

With its 25-year history in information technology research and development in Delft, it's not surprising that Exact is teaming up with the TU Delft, the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands.

With a look to the future, the two organisations see a significant opportunity for long-term collaboration on research and development.

The boundaries between business, social and personal activities are disappearing due to the rapid introduction of new IT technologies, and as a result, companies are changing the way they do business.

The TU and Exact will share their knowledge and expertise to develop the new technologies, products and services that companies need to succeed in today’s business world.

“With this agreement, we will deepen our collaboration with one of the most important businesses emanating from TU Delft,” says TU Delft Director of Valorisation, Paul Althuis.

“This project falls in line with one of today’s key social trends: the increasing necessity for collaboration between specialised individuals. As experts are emerging in specialised IT fields, it is imperative that the sharing of information be facilitated by available networks,” says Aad ‘t Hart, Technology Research Director at Exact Software.

Joining up with Exact will provide a new breeding ground for TU. The collaboration will allow the TU to use Exact as its industry 'laboratory'.

It will benefit by having access to Exact’s business knowledge and experience as well as customer behaviour insight.

In return, for Exact the collaboration will mean access to the TU's academic expertise and research resources to further improve services to their clients.

Exact CEO Rajesh Patel comments: “This strategic relationship between Exact and TU Delft is unique in many ways. Besides both organisations residing in Delft, we share a common vision in terms of innovation, research and technology to deliver real value added to businesses. As a team we will work on common research projects, share know-how and experiences and promote innovation not just in Delft, but also in the Netherlands.”

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