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Exact’s Early Adoption of Windows 7 Subject of Microsoft Case Study

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Exact Software ’s update of its flagship product, Exact Globe to include easy-to-use Windows 7 features has been published as a case study by Microsoft.  

Exact was one of the first enterprises to display the Windows 7–compatible logo, helping secure its market position as an early adopter of the operating system (OS).  

Exact began testing its client solution when the beta version of Windows 7 came out in January 2009.  

By April, it was a tier 1 partner in the Microsoft Ready Set 7 campaign, and became an early adopter of the operating system platform for the Exact Globe software.  

After a thorough quality assurance cycle on Windows 7, Exact began investigating which Windows 7 features it could use to add functionality to Exact Globe.  

These included among others, a smart Jump List, the Windows 7 Preview feature and the new Windows Search functionality.  

On October 9, thirteen days before the operating system launch, Exact released Exact Globe on the Windows 7 platform.  

“Because our customers are small businesses with limited IT knowledge, they’re almost like consumers,” says Aad ‘t Hart, research and technology director at Exact.  

“So what’s important for them is reliability, ease of use, and easy maintenance. The Exact Globe enhancements on the Windows 7 platform give them that, as well as greater efficiency and user friendliness. Keeping our desktop product up-to-date with operating system evolutions and providing a richer user experience for our customers is good business.”  

The complete case study is available on the Microsoft website. 

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