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Exact Software offer Exact AEC project management software

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Available from Exact Software , Exact AEC is an automated project management software solution that enables all parties involved on a project; for instance architects, construction professionals and installation experts, to collaborate throughout the construction process.

Within Exact AEC project management software, central project environments can be created where all parties involved will be able to access and enter information via different ‘entrances’ into a single system. This helps to reduce the problem of there being pockets of information that are not linked to each other. By storing all project information on digital files on Exact AEC software errors and misunderstandings are reduced, which also helps to save on time and costs.

Exact AEC project management software has been created on the latest database techniques and on standards such as MS Office, Outlook, Exact, Grote Beer, AutoCad and BricsCad.

Exact AEC can also provide logical build up of module levels with Basis, Plus and Pro versions so that a company will not have to invest in new software as it expands.

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