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Precision-type three-coordinate measuring machine from Exact Metrology

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The JS1086F precision-type three-coordinate measuring machine series is available from Exact Metrology.


  • All-granite cross beams, base, upright column worktable and c-axial form the totally-enclosed frame structure of the complete appliance; of which, the fixed gantry design would result in the high and solid stability and reliability of the whole measuring instrument, characterised by considerable non-deform, stable temperature, long service life, etc
  • The world’s update flexible steel wire timing belt driving is adopted for the three axles; there would be not any noise made during the operation of the complete appliance, locating quickly and accurately and non-trackslipping
  • High-precision double-dovetail slide bearings are adopted for the X axle, the central drive for the threeaxles; the high-resolution grating scale is installed on the axis, it can eliminate the kinematic errors of each axle and fit in with the Abbe principles
  • The imported pneumatic system and the 3-grade precision filtering system are adopted to guarantee the pneumatic balance and the super-high filtering precision can ensure the long service life of the guideway.
  • The imported high-flexible drag link and cables are adopted to ensure the long service life of the electric system
  • The fine-quality, heavy-duty motors and the servo drivers are adopted to greatly improve the kinematic features and thus make the measuring machine all the more smoothly and steadily while being accelerated or braked

This precision-type three-coordinate measuring machine can be installed with trigger-and contact- series scanning measuring heads, LS-series laser line scanning measuring heads, high-precision laser spot scanning measuring heads and high-resolution CCD digital optical-image heads by the Renishaw Co.; thus realising high-requirement measuring tasks of high-speed complicated a-spherical scanning (reverse engineering), micro-size non-contact measuring, etc.


This precision-type three-coordinate measuring machine, integrated the developing and productive experiences in high-precision measuring instruments for many years of Guiyang Xintian Oetech Co. and can satisfy the needs in the precision parts and accessories detection, high-precision curved-surface scanning and verification of the standard checkout devices; which is the high-tech product integrating precision machinery, modern control technology and the computer technique into an organic whole.

The precision-type three-coordinate measuring machine is widely used in the occasions that would be required high detection precision of the machinery industry, automobile industry, aviation industry and die equipment manufacturing, etc.

The precision-type three-coordinate measuring machine can realise the high-efficiency and high-precision measurement for parts and accessory, curved lines and curved face in the machinery processing centres and aggregate machine-tools; its incomparable precision and stability would be good enough to serve as a model of the 3-coordinates measuring instruments.

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