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New version vertical projection optimeter from Exact Metrology

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The JD3 vertical projection optimeter is available from Exact Metrology.


  • New screen technology, attaching reading magnifier with uniform field brightness and clear image
  • High measuring accuracy, stable and reliable data, convenient and fast measurement for precision parts with small dimension
  • Well structure design, small overall dimension, convenient for transportation
  • Dual-purpose instrument, i.e. the projection optimeter glass tube can be taken off and installed on a machine tool to directly control finish size


Vertical projection optimeter is one of the precision optical measurer for machinery. By comparing reference block gauge with the parts to be measured, it is used for measuring overall dimension of the parts.

The vertical projection optimeter is one of the common instruments for factory’s metrological laboratory, verification station, or tools and precision parts workshop.

Typical measurement objects: verification of block gauge and columnar gauge, thickness of sample workpiece, pitch diameter of male thread, diameter of columnar and global workpiece.

Technical parameters:

  • Range of measurement: 0-180mm
  • Worktable
  • Circular plane worktable (D): f88mm
  • Circular ribbed worktable (D): f88mm
  • Square ribbed worktable (mm):142×130
  • Fit outside diameter of measuring spindle and measuring cap of worktable: f6g6
  • Allowable difference of parallelism of small three-point worktable: 0.0015mm
  • Precision of instrument

Indication error:

  • Within 60µm range: ±0.20µm
  • Over 60µm range: ±0.25µm
  • Indication stability: 0.1µm

Projection optimeter tube:

  • Graduation value of dividing plate: 0.001mm
  • Graduation range of dividing plate: ±0.1mm
  • Measurement force (N): 2±0.2v
  • Free elevating distance of measuring lever: 0.5mm
  • Fit outside diameter of projection optimeter tube: f28h6
  • Fit outside diameter of measuring lever and measuring cap: f6g6

Ambient environment of the instrument service:

  • Room temperature: 20?±5?
  • Relative humidity: Not more than 60%
  • Mainframe weight: 21kg
  • Overall sizes of the instrument (mm): 340×160×750

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