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New series three-coordinate measuring device available from Exact Metrology

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article image JS1297L large-sized three-coordinate measuring machine

The JS1297L large-sized three-coordinate measuring machine is available from Exact Metrology.


The JS1297L large-sized three-coordinate measuring machine adopted advanced means and methods of dynamic characteristic analysis, full-space error software compensation, etc and with sound rigidity and stability, belongs to large-sized high-performance digital-controlled volumetric measuring machine which would be suitable for conducting accuracy survey of the sizes and shape and location allowance tolerance for various large-and middle-sized machinery parts and accessories on large-sized product production spots or in the measuring centres; thus completing tasks of parts detection, overall size measuring, reverse engineering, process control, etc


Adopting the design of L-type viaduct bridge structure, at the same time of assuring the open space to guarantee the stability and fine driving function of the measuring instrument, it can minimise its angle swinging and perpendicularity deformation under operation, thus ensuring the high-precision of the measuring instrument.

The channel-section design is adopted for the main guideway and the layout of closed static pressure guideway for the spatial bearings can enlarge the gas film rigidity and upgrade the precision of X-direction aero-floating guideway.

Fine-quality granites are selected for worktable, 3-axial guideways and vertical shafts, thus the complete instrument is of fine stability, with good temperature stability and sound hardness.

This three-coordinate measuring machine can be installed with trigger- and contact- series scanning measuring heads, LS-series laser line scanning measuring heads, high-precision laser spot scanning measuring heads by the Renishaw Co.; thus realising complicated measuring tasks of high-speed non-plane scanning (reverse engineering), etc.

Technical parameters:

Functions of softwares:

  • Measuring software of geometrical elements: Point, line, circular, face, sphere, arc, ellipse, circular cylinder, taper, keyseat, curve, curved surface, etc
  • Structural software of geometrical elements: Projection, central difference, intersection, contact, mirror image, fitting, translation, perpendicularity, parallel, combination, rotation, offset line, offset face, etc
  • Software of shape and location tolerance: Degrees of straight line, plane, circular, circular cylinder, taper, sphere; distance; included angle; degrees of perpendicularity, parallel, inclination, position (2D and 3D) and symmetry; axiality, concentric degree, jumping, etc
  • Setting up parts coordinates system with multi-forms: Machinery coordinates, parts coordinates, rectangular coordinates, mutual transformation of polar coordinates, translation and rotation of coordinates system, etc
  • The direct-visualised tabular forms are adopted to select the measuring heads that are required to be corrected

Ambient environment of the instrument service:

  • Supply voltage: 220V
  • Room temperature: 20?±2?
  • Temperature change per hour: ≤1?
  • Temperature difference at the height of 1m: ≤1?
  • Air pressure: 0.4 – 0.5Mpa
  • Filtering accuracy: 0.3µm
  • Room relative humidity: 55% - 65%
    Air discharge: 0.12M / min

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