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The JS544M manual type-coordinate measurer is available from Exact Metrology.


  • JS manual type-coordinate measurer series: As a precision and multi-functional measurer integrating optics, machinery, electricity and calculation into a whole, this measurer is applicable to measure geometrical dimension, relative position and shape/position tolerance of various parts, models and products
  • The manual type-coordinate measurer is widely used in the production site of high precision measurement such as machinery industry, automobile industry, aviation industry and die manufacture, for its quick and convenient measurement to medium/small-sized parts and its higher property-price ratio


  • Three spindles are made of high-quality Taishan granite which stabilises the precision greatly
  • Granite triangle beam design is adopted with good stability of movement
  • X-axis dovetail guide is taken into design and the sealed structure is introduced into main/ auxiliary supports which ensures the measuring precision at any position
  • High-precision preloaded and full-sealed air bearing is adopted and the guideway is not worn forever
  • Triple-coordinate measuring software is simple in operation and easy for learning
  • D laser scanner laser head can be equipped to make laser scan for complex parts

Technical parameters:

Functions of software:

  • Measuring software of geometrical elements: Point, line, circular, face, sphere, arc, ellipse, circular cylinder, taper, keyseat, curve, curved surface, etc
  • Structural software of geometrical elements: Projection, central difference, intersection, contact, mirror image, fitting, translation, perpendicularity, parallel, combination, rotation, offset line, offset face, etc
  • Software of shape and location tolerance: Degrees of straight line, plane, circular, circular cylinder, taper, sphere; distance; included angle; degrees of perpendicularity, parallel, inclination, position (2D and 3D) and symmetry; axiality, concentric degree, jumping, etc
  • Coordinate transformation: Mutual transformation of machine coordinate, part coordinate, rectangular coordinate and polar coordinate; translation and rotation of coordinate system; Part alignment; transformation module of pole coordinate
  • Study functions: Software memory, free subprogramming and circulation

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