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JVP intensifier-type video measuring meters available from Exact Metrology

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The JVP intensifier-type video measuring meters are available from Exact Metrology.


  • High-precision granite base and upright columns guarantee the measuring accuracy of the instrument, with more stable performance
  • The z-axel and light illumination adjustment panel, adopted with the pre-front panel control and with human-based design, are convenient for operation
  • Semi-automatic measuring software is adopted for the instrument, with multiple automatic image measuring tools; thus avoiding visual errors. This instrument has functions of SPC statistic and tolerance analyses and editor programming and learning functions, etc.; data and images may be output to AutoCAD to carry out next step data processing
  • The lens with fixed multiplying factor locationing and the software is adopted; it is unnecessary to carry out linear correction


Video measuring meters are new products introduced to the public in the recent years by the company. In order to satisfy the market’s demand, the video measuring meters are divided into different product types and specifications including: JVL-series economic and practical type, JVP-series high-precession intensifier-type, JVT-series three-dimensional composite-type, JVC –series CNC-type, etc.

A video measuring meter is a kind of measuring instrument, by means of CCD imaging and magnifying the workpiece image to the software system and by using various measuring functions in the strong software system to realise microscope and quality control for the sizes, positions and forms of the measured piece.

The JVP intensifier-type video measuring meter is widely and suitably used in measurement services at various levels or workshops’ inspection stations in various industries of electronics, instruments and meters, cutting-tools and gripping devices, precision machine elements, precision hardware pieces, electronic components, plastic and rubber finished products, semiconductor components, punching pieces, socket connectors, die equipment, automobiles, machining operation, military industry, aerospace, etc. and colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, etc.

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