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Evolve offers end-to-end tooling solutions

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After years of sourcing inexpensive injection, blow and roto molding for their manufacturing company, Evolve Composites is planning to share their experience and expertise with the market to deliver the same cost and time-savings.

Evolve managing director Ty Hermans believes his company can be utilised as a true end-to-end solutions provider. The company’s in-house design and engineering services specialise in plastic and composite product design, and electrical and chemical engineering, creating quality product solutions while maintaining low costs.

Evolve will take on an idea in its conceptual stage or a completed design, and then organise tooling in its overseas sister factory, while also assisting with the subsequent stages of manufacturing and marketing.

Mr Hermans explains that the part and tool design is completed by their Australian team, followed by tooling in as little as two weeks. Evolve can also complete all sales and marketing to take the product to market, hitting the shelves of some of Australia’s biggest retail and wholesale outlets.

Evolve’s team of designers and engineers will be engaged throughout the tooling process, with their overseas business partners overseeing the mould’s fabrication to ensure accuracy of the product design and tooling. Continuous communication throughout the design, fabrication, sales and marketing phases via emails, phone calls, photographs and samples will ensure the product comes to life without any surprises.

Unlike companies that have been burnt in the past by simply buying cheap tools from China, Evolve utilises its overseas partner’s vast experience in tooling and fabrication in Asia to achieve the trifecta of quality, speed, and a terrific price.

Once the tooling is approved, assembled and packaged for delivery, Evolve can facilitate final tool and part production to any moulding facility in the world.

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