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CO2 extinguishers and fire containment systems from Eversafe Fire Protection

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Eversafe Fire Protection  is a company offering a comprehensive range of fire protection products to the Australian market. The portable fire protection products offered by Eversafe Fire Protection include hose reels, fire extinguisher, cabinets, hydrants and associated hardware.

The product portfolio of Eversafe Fire Protection includes ABE powder fire extinguishers, CO2 gas fire extinguishers, water, foam and wet fire extinguishers, fire hydrant valves, fixed and swing type hose reels, hose reel cabinets and extinguisher cabinets.

Eversafe Fire Protection offers a wide range of fire extinguishers including fire extinguishers for ordinary combustibles like wood and paper, fire extinguishers for flammable liquids like gasoline, grease and oil.

Eversafe Fire Protection also offers fire extinguishers for electrically energised fires and also for flammable metals. For the benefit of the customers, Eversafe Fire Protection offers multi purpose fire extinguishers which can be used to douse different types of fires.

Eversafe Fire Protection offers fire extinguisher products which save around 20 percent on refilling costs and hence these systems offer good value for money to the clients. The after sales service provided to customers has been a hallmark of Eversafe Fire Protection. Eversafe Fire Protection provides guidance and assistance to clients for effectively using its fire protection products.

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