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VSD monitoring and configuration

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article image User-friendly Windows-based program.

EUROTHERM Drives' ConfigEd Lite Plus is the next generation design and troubleshooting tool for standalone Eurotherm controllers.

It includes as a separate module the off-line configuration tool, ConfigEd Lite, together with an on-line tuning and troubleshooting package.

The user friendly Windows-based program is particularly useful for commissioning engineers and maintenance personnel, providing a single package for the Eurotherm Drives range.

Compatible with our new 590+, 690+ and 650V models, users can start and stop the drive from their PC, set parameters, and monitor performance with the on-line scope or monitor in table form in real time.

Start-up is simplified further by built-in procedures that step the user through setup and tuning.

ConfigEd Lite Plus drive programming software greatly simplifies configuration, parameterisation, monitoring and diagnostics of both ac and dc drives from a single package.

On start-up, a tutorial style drive set-up menu leads the user a step at a time through a structured commissioning procedure. This ensures that the drive performance is maximised in the shortest time possible without having to navigate through non-applicable parameters or menus.

Once running any parameter can be monitored as a digital value or assigned to one of the four auto-scaling chart recorder channels or in table format.

To simplify monitoring the user can also assign any parameter to a personal customised list or view only those parameters whose values differ from the factory default settings. Parameters can be modified on the fly.

The high speed Scope function provides for real-time monitoring utilising an oscilloscope style screen. While the chart function provides a software version of a chart recorder for allowing the charted data to be saved and printed for further analysis.

Both ac and dc drives comprise over one hundred control software function blocks that can be fully interconnected graphically using ConfigEd Lite.

Available function blocks include maths functions, logic functions, timers, comparators and counters as well as process functions such as winders and PID control.

The drives are dispatched with the function blocks pre-configured as a standard drive so you can operate it straight from the box. Alternatively pick one of the ready-programmed applications or enjoy the full drive flexibility by interconnecting the blocks to create a control strategy.

With the graphical user interface, users create and diagram configurations in an easy-to-understand format that shows the functionality of the drive.

Default templates display all the drive function blocks and internal signal connections. Users can easily create new custom templates and reuse old designs using drag and drop programming.

The Config Ed Lite off-line configuration tool does not need drive hardware to create the configuration. Once complete simply install it into the drive. In addition, users can retrieve configurations from existing drives to get all settings and modify existing configurations.

Both ConfigEd Lite Plus and ConfigEd Lite will run on all Windows platforms from Windows 98 through to Windows XP, with the link to the drives via Serial RS232.

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