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VSD configuration cloning module

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EUROTHERM Drives' 6514 cloning module is a simple to use, extremely powerful plug-on module, allowing storing of a complete Eurotherm Drives 650 drive configuration.

The cloner can be used to store up to 10 different drive configurations, which can then be transferred between any 650 drive of any size from 0.2kW to 90kW.

The module simply plugs into the normal removable keypad position and is powered by the drive. Simple switches on the rear of the cloner module are used to setup the function.

The cloner can be set to upload a configuration from the cloner to a drive, or store a configuration from the drive it is attached to. The entire configuration can be uploaded or downloaded, or only data that is not motor or power specific.

When ready to activate the function, the user simply presses the momentary push button. A write protect switch is also provided to prevent overwriting of configurations.

A rotary switch is provided to select which of the 10 available memory locations is to be utilised. Front ready and active LEDs indicate module status.

The cloner is ideal for operators, allowing a configuration setup to be stored quickly and easily, providing fast configuration of replacement drives, or for commissioning engineers the ability to rapidly configure a large number of similar drives.

When cloning or uploading is completed, the cloner is simply detatched from the unit. The non-volatile memory ensures secure storage of the configuration data.

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