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Universal isolated interface converter

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THE KD485 is a multi-purpose interface converter designed to satisfy a wide range of industrial data comms requirements. Universal RS422/485 2/4-wire interface with varistor protection.

Internal pull-up and pull-down resistors ensure the RS485 bus floats to a valid state when not driven. The DIN rail mounting KD485 provides full three-way isolation of 2kV ac between all electrical paths. Powered from a wide ranging 7V to 25V dc supply.

One common application is the connection of multi-dropped RS485 devices to an RS232 system. Most currently available converters require the RS232 device to control its RTS signal to enable/disable the RS485 driver, but some RS232 systems do not have this capability. The KD485-ADE avoids RTS control.

The KD485 is provided with an automatic driver enable on RS485, and can communicate at speeds from 30-115200 baud, and is provided with low-EMC drivers.

Using RS485 communications allows up to 32 modules of any type to be easily linked together. This simple "network" can then be interfaced to any standard PC RS232 port.

The information available from each module can then be datalogged or monitored by any high level software package, or using SCADA packages such as Wonderware or CiTech, the modules on the RS485 network can be monitored and controlled. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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