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EUROTHERM has introduced the UPAC G478 frequency input isolator. Part of the UPAC family of universal field configurable isolation modules, the G478 can accept any frequency range from 2Hz to 10,000Hz.

The input voltage signal is also wide ranging from a minimum of 150mV to 150V allowing for use in almost all standard industrial applications from low level proximity sensors to high voltage tachos.

The wide range capability of G478 makes it suitable for use in high frequency applications such as feedback from shaft encoders, where a PLC may not be able to accept the input frequency, as well as low frequency applications where analog conversion is difficult.

The input uses Touch-Cal technology for simplified range configuration. Input the range required, push the calibration button and set the calibration.

The G478 can also allow for inputs with offset frequencies of up to 99% of range and with up to 50% full-scale tare adjustment. Field flexibility is maximised by the simple range selection switches, providing fast easy configuration.

The unit provides an adjustable 1 to 10V dc excitation capable of powering up to four 350Ω standard loadcells.

The G478 provides 1800V, 3-way isolation eliminating unwanted loops while protecting vital personnel and equipment. Designed to be powered from a wide 9-30V dc supply allows the G478 to be supplied from economical, unregulated power supplies.

Built to withstand ESD, meeting the IEC 801-2 standard, and with a CMRR of 120dB, allows the UPAC to operate in harsh electrical environments.

Diagnostic LED's provide the operator with easily identifiable system information. If the front LED is steady the unit is operating correctly and input is in the calibration range.

If the LED is flashing at 8Hz then the input is above 110% of the calibrated input. Similarly if the LED is flashing at 4Hz, the input to the G478 is below 0% of the calibrated input.

The universal mounting foot allows for both 32mm 'G' and 35mm DIN rails. All of this in a module only 12.5mm wide, allowing ultra high density stacking, for space savings. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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