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Three-phase solid state contactor

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article image Designed for general purpose three-phase applications.

EUROTHERM has released the TE300 three-phase solid state contactor. It is designed for general purpose three-phase applications where a resistive load or infrared heaters are involved.

Typical applications include paint drying in the automotive industry, metallurgy, plastics, food sector and environmental temperature control. The TE300 is available in a variety of models from 16A to 63A loads, switching up to 500V ac.

It is controlled by an analogue signal which is selectable for dc current or voltage. An onboard 5V user voltage allows local manual control by a potentiometer. The TE300 can be used to control nonstandard three-phase voltages by using an optional auxiliary supply input.

The TE300 is easily integrated into a control system because of its small size, simple wiring and DIN rail mounting. It is suitable for star and delta three-phase loads in three, four and six-wire configurations, providing true three-phase switching. LED indication of module operation is also provided.

It has an advanced single-cycle mode in addition to the standard burst firing and single-cycle firing modes. The advanced single-cycle mode allows a complete number of half-cycle switching for the nonfiring period and a complete number of full cycle-switching for the firing period. This mode reduces visual flickering when controlling short wave infrared elements. With advanced single cycle firing the cycle time is reduced compared with normal single-cycle operation. This is advantageous when phase angle firing is not acceptable and zero crossing is required.

The system is able to switch single cycles of 50Hz mains power to provide accurate control for applications. It also uses zero-voltage switching (synchronised to the line) to ensure noise-free operation. Applications using short wave infrared lamps can be controlled with reduced flicker using the TE300 advanced single cycle mode. All firing modes, input type and load type can be reconfigured in the field if required.

The system can be set for single-ycle firing or advanced single-cycle firing, allowing half a cycle to be switched. It can also be set for fast cycling, using eight cycles on/off. Using the TE300 with PID controllers allows for improved control of fast acting processes as well as more efficiently heating and cooling in generIt is fully rated to 45°C, with derating possible up to 60°C.

Unlike electromechanical relays, the TE300 is solid state, providing completely silent operation and never wearing out, providing trouble-free operation for the life of the product. As phase angle firing allows control of the entire ac waveform, it can provide tighter process control for heating applications than a solid state relay using logic firing which can only control a single ac cycle at best. The TE300 can switch large power loads much faster than a logic firing solid state relay, and thousands of times faster than electromechanical relays.

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