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Signal converters with DeviceNet comms

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article image The Eurotherm 2000 series.

THE Eurotherm 2000 series incorporates a universal input which allows for nine internally stored thermocouple types (J, K, T, L, N, R, S, B & P) plus Pt100 and process inputs such as 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 1-5V or 0-10Vdc while another 11 thermocouple are available as factory downloadable inputs.

The modules provide for universal input scaling and local indication of 4 and 5-digit resolution. Digital inputs and voltage-free contacts are also available for process start/stop and alarming.

The 2000 series can be fitted with analog retransmission modules to provide a standard isolated 4-20mA or 0-10V process signal proportional to the input.

However, the optional DeviceNet communications card can also be fitted to allow for direct integration onto any standard DeviceNet network. Thus the 2000 series can provide signal isolation and scaling of field signals directly onto a DeviceNet platform.

Note also that the DeviceNet communications module is also retrofitable if DeviceNet is installed at a future time. Modbus and Profibus communications are also available on some models.

In addition to signal conditioning, alarming and indication the 2000 series can also be utilised as an advanced PID controller complete with timing, batching and setpoint profiling features. Autotune for the control process is also a standard feature on all models.

Dual 4-digit displays provide the operator interface, the functionality of which can be customised to present only those parameters that an operator needs to see and adjust, while all other parameters are locked under password protection.

Configuration is achieved either via the front-panel interface or by using Eurotherm's "iTools" configuration package running under the Windows 95 or NT operating systems. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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