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article image Isolating signal conditioner.

EUROTHERM has released the WebView I/O series of isolating signal conditioners. It uses Sigma-Delta conversion at 15 effective bits. The WV408 has an input accuracy of 0.015% of full scale.

The smart power feature eliminates wasted power in current output mode for low-loop resistance loads. The WV408 is configurable with or without Ethernet connection. It can be configured using side-mounted DIP switches or via the WebView interface program available in the WVC16 Ethernet interface.

The WV408 has both voltage and current input ranges available from ±150mV to 150Vdc and ±2.5mA or ±25mA. Each of these ranges has at least 95% zero and span adjustment, allowing for input ranges as low as 7.5mV and 0.38mA. Outputs include 0V-10V, 0mA-20mA, and 4mA-20mA. The WV408 also supports reverse output.

On its own the WV408 is a high specification dc input signal isolator. When mated to the WVC16 Ethernet interface module the user can view sensor data directly over intranet with a standard Web browser. Users can view configuration, maintenance, and process information through a remote web browser. The modules are capable of generating scripted email messages, triggered when process variables or maintenance-based performance parameters depart from pre-set levels. The IR communication link is made by mounting the WV408 beside the WVC16 on the DIN rail. Each WV408 supports up to three alarms. These alarms could be configured to support high limit, low limit, and a timer for routine maintenance.

Each WVC16 is capable of communicating with up to 32 I/O modules. The interface contains a Web page server and an email server as well as being the interface to the modules. All memory to support the signal conditioner's historical data, storage of the Web pages, and all email messages is contained in the WVC16. The WVC16 downloads a Java applet to the client's computer. The applet provides access to the signal conditioner's data.

All data for the WVC16 can be monitored by any user with access to the network on which the module is attached. Using standard internet web browsers the user can monitor and reconfigure all parameters and alarms. The user can also download previously stored data and set up datalogging, including recording interval and modules to be recorded. Password protection creates user and configuration levels.

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