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Plug-on clip for commissioning

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article image Front mounting plug-on clip for commissioning.

EUROTHERM has introduced a new plug-on clip for use in commissioning and maintenance for the 3500 series hybrid controller range.

The clip connects to the front of the controller and establishes communication via an IR link. This allows the commissioning engineer or maintenance staff to interface with the controller directly from the front of the installed panel, without removing the controller from the panel. The use of the clip provides a transparent means of interfacing with the controller while causing no disruption to the process being controlled.

The IR clip establishes an RS232 communication link with the 3500 series unit via the front accessible IR port, available as standard on all 3500 series modules. The operator can then use a laptop to interface with the 3500 controller. The iTools configuration software can be used to monitor, datalog, or reconfigure the controller as required.

The commissioning engineer can quickly and easily testing various application combinations on the system. The combination of the iTools software and the IR clip allows uploading of offline developed configuration files, logging of the process to various PID setting, access to parameters normally locked out to operators, and a SCADA screen for interaction with the process.

The clip allows equipment to be supplied to the panel builder completely unconfigured. The application file can be uploaded when available, providing a simple means of streamlining the material flow. The panel builder can install the controller without having to wait for the engineers to configure the unit before installation. This avoids unnecessary delays and the expense of adding a communications port that is rarely if ever accessed after commissioning.

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