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Master comms for three loop controller

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THE latest addition to Eurotherm's multi-function controller/programmer 2704 available in a single, dual or three-loop format is an optional ModBus master communications card.

The model 2704 is a high-accuracy, high-stability instrument designed for multi-loop control applications, such as furnace and kiln control, environmental chambers, and a wide range of critical batch production processes.

The master comms option is upgradeable to all 2704 modules and simply slots into one of the two existing comms slots. The card uses standard ModBus modules EIA 232 or 485, 9600 baud.

It has a max of 8 individually addressed slaves, can be used in broadcast mode, and uses slave address 0. The 2704 has 38 parameters available currently, with this number to be extended in the future. Resolution, timeouts and retries are all user configurable.

The 2704 features a 120 x 160 pixel electro-luminescent display which can be used as a HMI screen for systems and can now also control and monitor data from any standard ModBus slave, including the complete range of Eurotherm's 2000 series, 2500, 900EPC and 902 model controllers.

If used as a master for the modular 2500 system, the 2704 can access data from over 130 different control loops plus numerous digital I/O.

The master comms could be used in the 2704 to set parameters in slave units that may be already existing on site such as the 2400 series controllers whereby the setpoint in a number of zones could be controlled via one master.

The 2704 can also request and interface to Eurotherm's 5000 series graphical chart recorders, allowing control of datalogged signal signals directly from a chart recorder via an ethernet bridge. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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