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Loadcell retransmitting alarm indicator

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article image The 2408i process indicator.

THE Eurotherm 2408i is a high specification process and temperature indicator with an extensive range of I/O options.

A modular hardware build accommodates a range of plug-in modules allowing for up to four alarm outputs, two process or loadcell inputs, analog retransmission, remote setpoint input and digital communications.

The 1/8 (48 x 96mm) panel mounting 2408i provides a full five digit red or green 15.9mm LED display with up to three decimal places. This allows for a wide variety of process and temperature inputs, plus precision measurement for loadcell applications.

A universal input allows for mV loadcell input plus nine internally stored thermocouple types (J, K, T, L, N, R, S, B & P), Pt100 and process inputs such as 4-20mA, 0-20mA and 0-10V dc, while another 11 thermocouple are available as factory downloadable inputs.

For loadcell and strain gauge inputs, the 2408i is fitted with 5V or 10V excitation supplies for loadcell excitation (300Ω to 10kΩ). A second universal process input card can be fitted for applications where maximum, minimum or differential loadcell measurements are required.

Four internal alarms are software configurable for standard high, low and deviation functions and can also be used to alarm on sensor break as well as rate of change alarm.

Alarm function modes of latching, non-latching, blocking and failsafe are also software selectable as is hystersis or deadband. The blocking function is very useful on start-up to prevent unnecessary operator alerts, during process start-up.

The alarm outputs can either be either voltage free relays or high speed logic outputs. The 2408i is provided as standard with two digital inputs.

These inputs can be software configured for various functions, however, for loadcell applications, these inputs are usually used for tare correction for the loadcell inputs, or automatic zero and span calibration for the loadcell.

The loadcell input signal may need to be retransmitted as a dc analog signal such as 4-20mA or 0-10V. An optional dc retransmission card can also be added, replacing the need for an external signal isolation module.

For interfacing to serial communications networks, the 2408i can be fitted with communications cards for DeviceNet, ProfiBus or ModBus (RS232, RS422 and RS485).

Two choices of power supply allow the 2408i to be used in almost all applications. For ac powered applications, a universal 85-264V ac supply is provided while for low voltage applications a wide ranging ac/dc supply of 20-29V can be ordered.

The front screen display is IP54 rated to enable the 2408i to be utilised in all standard industrial applications.

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