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article image Eurotherm’s single phase thyristor.

EUROTHERM's TE10A single phase thyristor provides a robust solution for power switching applications where the load is inductive, or voltage and/or current surges are expected such as transformer switching. Applications utilising short wave infrared (SWIR) lamps can be controlled with reduced flicker using the TE10A.

In such applications a normal logic input solid state relay would typically blow a fuse or could be damaged due to the high start-up surges required. A transformer for example is effectively a short circuit on initial power up.

Thus logic firing for solid state relays is not possible for such applications. The solution is to utilise a thyristor based solid state relay with an analog input, which allows for phase angle firing.

In phase angle firing mode the power is controlled by allowing the output-switching element to turn on for only part of the ac waveform cycle. The more power required the more the conduction angle is provided, until at 100% power demand the waveform is on for the entire cycle.

Phase angle firing allows for starting from zero power and thus provides a soft start for inductive loads. For extra protection, the device can be fitted with current limiting protection, to limit the peak power preventing possible start up damage to sensitive equipment.

The compact DIN rail or panel mounting TE10A, available in 16, 25, 40 and 50A ranges, is provided with an integral heatsink allowing for quick and easy installation. Versions are available for voltages from 100V up to 500V.

For versions with the current limiting option fitted, a simple potentiometer is available on the front panel for easy setting. LED indication of firing is provided for operator confirmation of operation.

Designed for use in real world industrial applications, for protection against surges and overload, robust thyristors are utilised in-place of triacs with extra MOV and RC protection.

Designed to be over-specified, the TE10A is fully rated to its design maximum operating temperature of 45°C, with derating up to 60°C also available.

Unlike electromechanical relays, the TE10A is solid state, and thus has no moving parts. It thus provides completely silent operation and never wears out, providing trouble-free operation for the life of the project.

As phase angle firing allows control of the entire ac waveform, it can provide much greater and tighter process control for critical heating applications than a solid state relay using logic firing which can only control a single ac cycle at best.

The TE10A can switch large power loads much faster than a logic firing solid state relay, and thousands of times faster than electromechanical relays.

All units are manufactured within ISO9001 certified production environments, and are designed to comply with all relevant international standards (including CE in Europe and UL in Canada and the USA), allowing users to export machines containing the TE10A throughout the world. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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