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article image New 3216 range -- ‘instant recipes’.

EUROTHERM's new 3216 range of 1/16 DIN controllers are now available with instant calibration "recipes" which provide for a unit to be returned to a default configuration or completely reconfigured to one of five stored configuration setups stored in the 3216 firmware, instantly.

The new 3216 includes all the features you have come to expect from Eurotherm controllers, plus it is now able to provide for five recipes, or stored calibration configurations, allowing operators to simply recall one of the five stored calibrations, and instantly reconfigure up to 38 stored configuration settings.

The 38 parameters are user definable, allowing one unit to be utilised for a number of applications. Parameters such as input sensor type, input range, output function, PID settings, alarm types and setpoints can all be defined as parameters to be reconfigured.

This system is suitable for OEM users allowing one controller to be utilised with one configuration.

Operators only need spend 10 seconds to recall the required configuration to completely configure the unit. Thus eliminating human error with manual setup, or the time to connect the unit to a computer to download a clone file.

The recipes also provide technical support and maintenance staff a simple means of returning the controller to a known default state should the controller configuration ever be altered by an operator.

For a number of industries, such as the food industry where one machine is utilised for a number of processes, the recipe function provides a fast means of reconfiguring the controller for a new product process, reducing change over time, and thus improving efficiency.

The new 3216, 1/16th DIN controller provides a new level of user convenience and information with scrolling safety messages delivering plain language messages to let operators and engineers alike know exactly what is happening to the process.

Three outputs can be configured to provide any combination of heating, cooling and alarm.

The logic output can also be used as a digital input. Optional plug-in cards allow for serial communications options of Modbus RS232 or RS485 for interfacing to higher level systems or other master control systems.

An additional digital input and CT input are also available for monitoring other process inputs.

The new three color LCD display provides clear indication of process variables. The upper display shows the process measured value while the lower display can be set to display a range of parameters including, setpoint, time remaining and current.

The cost-effective, simple-to-use 3216 series controller provides the ideal process control solution for applications such as simple heating and cooling, small ovens, chillers, sterilisers, trace heating, heat sealing and injection moulding.

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