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Infra-red flickerless switching

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article image Short wave infra-red flickerless switching.

EUROTHERM has released the TE10A with single cycle firing mode. It allows switching of half 50Hz cycles, eliminating the flickering normally associated with short wave infra-red (SWIR) heater lamps.

The TE10A uses zero voltage switching, synchronised to the line. This ensures noise-free operation. The module is available in various configurations for any load type, from resistive to inductive, including transformer loads using phase angle firing.

In order to minimise power fluctuation during the modulation period, the single-cycle mode uses half-cycles for non-firing. This reduces flicker and brightness of infra-red elements. For a setpoint less than 50%, nonfiring is effected on mains half-cycles. The firing time is fixed at one cycle (20ms at 50Hz). For a setpoint greater than 50%, non-firing is reduced to one half cycle. Firing is effected over whole cycles.

The TE10A with noiseless zero voltage switching can be set for single-cycle firing, advanced single cycle firing (allowing half a cycle to be switched), or fast cycling, using 8 cycles on/off. Using the TE10A with PID controllers allows for improved control of fast acting processes, as well as more efficiently heating and cooling.

The DIN rail or panel mounting system is available in 16A, 25A, 40A, and 50A ranges. It has an integral heatsink. Versions are available for voltages from 100V up to 500V. For versions with the current limiting option fitted, a simple potentiometer is available on the front panel for easy setting. LED indication of firing is provided for operator confirmation of operation.

Thyristors are used instead of triacs for extra MOV and RC protection. This protects against surges and overload. The TE10A is rated to 45°C, with derating up to 60°C also available.

Unlike electromechanical relays, the system is solid state. This lack of moving parts provides silent operation that never wears out. This allows trouble-free operation for the life of the project.

Phase angle firing allows control of the entire ac waveform. The system can therefore provide tighter process control than a solid state relay using logic firing. Systems using logic firing can only control a single ac cycle at best. The TE10A can switch large power loads much faster than a logic firing solid state relay, and thousands of times faster than electromechanical relays.

All units are manufactured within ISO9001 certified production environments, and are designed to comply with all relevant international standards including CE in Europe and UL in Canada and the USA.

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