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article image Plain-language alarm, warning and information messages.

EUROTHERM 'S new 3216i indicating alarm provides 15 scrolling and configurable alarm, warning and information messages that can be activated by any parameter.

The scrolling safety messages delivers messages in plain language, telling operators and engineers what is happening to the process. The operator is alerted to alarm priority and exact cause. The message can even carry instructions on how to respond, avoiding wasted time waiting for a maintenance officer.

The quick start wizard allows efficient configuration. At initial power up the configuration is displayed on the lower display with descriptive text providing scrolling help for each setting. Users enter the required configuration from the table provided to complete configuration.

Universal inputs enable the simple selection of any standard thermocouple, two or three-wire resistance thermometer or process input. A custom linearisation can be installed using iTools software.

Three outputs can be configured to provide any combination of relay, logic I/O or analogue retransmission. Optional plug-in cards allow for serial communications options of Modbus RS232 or RS485 for interfacing to higher level systems or other master control systems. An additional digital input and CT input are also available for monitoring other process inputs.

The operator interface is fully configurable. Any parameter can be promoted for immediate operator access on level one or password-protected level two. The three-colour LCD display displays process variables. The upper display indicates the process measured value while the lower display can be set to show a range of parameters including alarm setpoint and current input.

Applications include heating, cooling, oven monitoring, chillers, sterilisers, trace heating, heat sealing and injection moulding.

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