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High specification drives to 315kW

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EUROTHERM Drives has extended its 690+ integrator range ac variable speed drives, with new large frame sizes allowing motor control up to 315kW.

The 690+ range, designed to meet the requirements of all ac variable speed applications from simple single motor speed control through to the most sophisticated integrated multi-drive systems range, now provides solutions from 0.75 through 315kW in a single integrated family.

The expansion modules 'technology boxes' simply plug into the drive, providing users with a simple means of customising a base product to meet their exact requirements, and offering a ready upgrade path to adapt the drives as the demands of the application change over time.

The latest update to the technology box expansion modules offers users a wide choice of fieldbus options, covering Profibus DP, DeviceNet, CANopen and ModBus, as well RS422/485 and Eurotherm Drives' own LINK fibre optic drives network.

Additional system capability for the 690+ drive has also been expanded, with an add-on systems module. This offers advanced system functions including five extra configurable digital inputs and outputs, four high resolution analog inputs, two extra encoder inputs and two high speed inputs for register control applications.

The technology box philosophy provides an easy means of tailoring drive performance to match the needs of the application, whilst providing a robust means of protecting sensitive electronics systems, ensuring high performance is matched with ultimate reliability. Each drive can accommodate up to three technology boxes.

The 690+ ac drives have been designed for the highest possible performance, with a single product offering three drive strategies: simple open loop control, sensorless vector control and closed loop vector control.

Simple open loop control meets the needs of less demanding applications, with the 690+ providing a drive that is very quick and simple to set up to get an application up and running as fast as possible.

Sensorless vector control makes use of Eurotherm Drives' MRAS (model reference adaptive system) technology to provide current control as well as speed control.

With this current control available in both open loop and closed loop modes, the 690+ can offer smooth running and robust, trip-free acceleration and deceleration even in critical applications demanding the highest dynamic performance.

The 690+ is designed to simplify configuration of intricate systems with integrated function blocks, logic functions, timers, counters PID control, and maths functionality. While standard macros provide for functions such as winder control and closed loop speed feedback.

The 690+ series is provided with a detachable, fully featured operator/programming control display used as the local HMI, featuring a large backlit 32 character alphanumeric LCD display.

This HMI station can be locally or remote mounted and allows for password lockout, custom and multilingual displays. For simplified programming for advanced systems a Windows-based configuration program 'CE Lite' is available. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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