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article image 690K series ac drives.

EUROTHERM has released the 690K series of ac drives. It is an extension of the 690+ series, available up to 1.2MW or 1600hp.

The design shares the modular power assemblies of the 690+ G, H, and J frames. This provides users with interchangeable spares throughout the range. The 690K also shares the same keypads, communications options programming, and CELite+ software as the entire 690 family.

The 690K is capable of both simple and complex applications. Its control flexibility allows simple V/Hz control or sensorless and flux vector control for the most demanding speed and torque performance requirements.

Its 460V operation is free from medium voltage concerns and expensive high voltage power module components. Flexible input power configurations provide the right solution for power line harmonic concerns. The series offers easy access to all modular control and power devices as well as simple power input and output connection.

690K drives are delivered ready to go. They are furnished in ventilated Rittal modified NEMA 12 enclosures, with 2 or 3 bays, depending upon drive rating. They have flange-mounted input circuit breakers, line reactors, and motor output balancing reactors.

The series provides the power and performance to handle larger ac motor applications. It can handle simple applications such as centrifugal pumps, induced-draft and forced-draft fans, and conveyors. It can also manage the most demanding metal mill drives and presses. Harmonic-free active front-end types are available for true 4-quadrant, line regenerative control. This is ideal for engine test stands, centrifuge applications, ski lifts, and cable cars.

The larger 690K drives can also reduce the user's electricity costs. Municipal markets with high demands for clean power will also benefit from the flexibility of the 690K to be used in 12-pulse or 18-pulse input configurations. Applications like large pumps, solids centrifuges, and dewatering presses benefit from the 690K.

A 750KW / 1000hp motor running continuously will use in excess of 900,000kWh a year. The 690K controlling flow on a pump or fan, in place of valves or dampers, can provide actual savings of more than 43%. Equipment and installation costs will generally be recouped in under two years.

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