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article image Eurotherm’s 5000B data acquisition system

EUROTHERM Chessell’s 5000B data acquisition system is now available with email alarming and audible remote alarming software.

These features provide a simple means of notifying users about alarm conditions in remote sites. It can also be used to monitor system failures in critical processes in the pharmaceutical industry or can be timed to provide an SMS message to a service engineer to schedule maintenance.

The real time viewing software provided with the 5000B is now available with audible alarming. The system allows the user to select the warning or alert sound file. This could be anything from a standard warning alarm to a simple voice message.

The email alarming/notification feature is easily configured. First the 5000B must be configured with mail server details. Then the list of email addresses to be contacted is added, along with the message to be sent. Up to five different messages each containing up to ten email addresses can be added for any type of alarm or status condition. The messages can be simple one line headers with embedded messages or more detailed message bodies.

The 5000B is designed for maximum security of data and for flexibility. It has 13Mbytes of non-volatile Flash memory for historical data storage. It uses a logging and archiving strategy that protects the data from loss or tampering. Data is stored in binary format and written to the Flash at a configurable recording interval. The digital security features incorporated meet FDA, TGA and EPA auditing requirements.

It is provided with Ethernet comms as standard. Factory floor sensors can be directly connected to the existing office computer network via the 5000B. This allows the operator to monitor and chart the performance of a plant from a desktop PC.

Historical data analysis software enables reviewing of recorded data while maintaining its integrity. The user can download the data via the Ethernet comms on demand. Alternatively the system can be set up to automatically download the data, eliminating the possibility of data loss from memory overflow.

The base unit provides for six software configurable universal inputs. This is expandable to 12, with up to 8Hz (125ms) simultaneous recording of data. The system offers advanced mathematical capability, totalisers, timers, counters and batch control. It also provides the ability to group and view selective inputs and the ability to build custom mimic panel style screens. These features allow the operator maximum flexibility when setting up the system. Each user can have a specific username and password with customised security access. Individual security settings allow anything from simple viewing of data to controlling batches or full configuration permission.

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