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Dc input, field configurable isolator

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THE Action I/Q model Q498 is a dc powered, DIN rail mount, dc input signal conditioner. The unit is fully isolated to 1800V between input, output and power and has two isolated analog inputs that each accept either a dc voltage or current input signal.

The one analog output delivers either dc bi-polar voltage or uni-polar current. It also has a separate frequency input channel and a frequency output, as well as a discrete input and output channel. The field configurable input and output feature offers flexible, wide ranging capability for dc current and voltage signals.

The Q498 can also be configured via a PC with the optional C698 Windows based configuration software and has the added capability of being able to perform math calculations on the input values.

This provides the ability to perform single or double input math functions. The frequency input can also have the math functions applied (with the exception of square and square root).

The available operators are: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, square and average. Process control functions of track and hold, Hi/Lo select and totalisation-integration; frequency-to-voltage and voltage-to-frequency conversion; and rate of change limiter, can be implemented.

A 25-point linearisation function is available for Channel 1. Analog input provides the ability for the user to input unique linearisation tables.

The field configurable input of the Q498 can be set via DIP switches. The Q498 has several voltage and current input ranges from which to choose.

Voltage input ranges are; ±150mV, ±1.5V, ±15V & ±150V. The current input ranges are; ±2.5mA and ±25mA. All of the ranges are fully adjustable over a 90 per cent range from zero or span.

There are three analog output ranges, 0-20mA, 0-10V dc and -10 to +10V dc. These ranges are also fully adjustable. If the application requires a 4-20mA output, simply choose the 0-20mA range and calibrate with the zero point at 4mA. The Math Functions can be used to scale the output.

The frequency section has two different inputs. The difference is in the voltage level that can be applied. Only one of the inputs can be active at a time.

The LoV input supports signals with amplitudes from 150mVp to 5Vp (50Vrms max) and the HiV input supports signals between 500mVp and 20Vp (150Vrms max). The frequency range is from 2Hz to 10kHz in software selectable ranges.

Low-cost, microprocessor technology has enabled the replacement of zero and span adjustment potentiometers with push-button Touch-CAL technology. Essentially, the thermal drift and mechanical variability of the potentiometers has been removed and re-placed with a digitally stable circuit.

Additionally, the inherent zero and span interactivity of potentiometer based analog amplifier circuitry is removed, providing 100 per cent non-inter-active adjustment.

TouchCAL technology enables precise calibration and provides more than 90 per cent offset of the zero value and adjustment down to 10 per cent of the full scale input span for most of the six switch selectable input ranges.

The Q498 is also provided with three diagnostic LEDs for simple visual indication of module and input calibration status. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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