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Dc drive offers installation components

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article image The 590+ series dc drive with built in power components.

EUROTHERM Drives has simplified the design and configuration of drives panels and cubicles with the launch of the DRV option for its 590+ series DC drive.

Whilst a conventional panel might require the drive to be combined with an ac line contactor, ac line fuses, dc fuse, control/field fuses, motor blower starter and an auxiliary control transformer, the DRV option combines all these peripheral power components into a single compact drive product.

With the same footprint as a standard drive, the 590+ DRV option offers huge savings in panel space, as well as eliminating the time consuming mounting and wiring of individual power components.

Further time savings result from the elimination of the requirement to source all the necessary power components.

At the heart of the DRV, Eurotherm Drives' 590+ dc drive - a high performance drive designed to meet the exacting demands of the most complex and sophisticated applications.

Plug-in 'technology box' modules provide a range of fieldbus (including Profibus, Devicenet and Modbus) and feedback options. Application macro's for various types of winder and process PID come as standard.

The 590+ is part of the Integrator drives family, which also includes the 690+ series of open and closed loop ac drives with all technologies sharing an identical HMI (human machine interface) common programming tools and technology box options.

This means users only have to become conversant with one programming methodology regardless of which technology is required around a particular machine or application, making it simpler to work with mixed technologies around a plant.

Rationalising the programming across all the drives means users only have to become familiar with a single interface. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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