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Data recorder with circular display

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article image The 5000B with circular display.

EUROTHERM Chessell 's latest data acquisition instrument, the 5000B, is designed for maximum security of data and for flexible functionality, and is available with the popular circular display format.

It has 13MB of non-volatile Flash memory for historical data storage with a logging and archiving strategy that protects the data from loss or tampering.

Data is stored in a proprietary, binary format and written to the Flash at a configurable recording interval.

Provided with Ethernet comms as standard, factory floor sensors can be directly connected to the existing office computer network via the 5000B allowing the operator to monitor and chart in real-time the performance of plant from a desktop PC, in the traditional vertical format or in the circular format required for various industries.

The 5000B is provided complete with Bridge 5000 and Review software packages providing complete data management. These enable the user to review logged and archived process data remotely.

Review software is an historical data analysis tool enabling review of recorded data while maintaining its integrity in the proprietary, binary format.

Bridge 5000 gives operators a connection between a 5000B and any PC anywhere in the world using a local area network, dial-up connection, intranet or internet.

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