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Custom screens for data recorders

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article image Screens designed for simple configuration.

THE new screen builder option for the Eurotherm 5000 Series of data management systems allows custom graphic screens to be tailored to application needs, providing seamless interfacing of user-defined graphic displays.

The 5000 Series has colour, touch-screen displays designed for ease of use and simple configuration. However, sometimes the need for data to be represented in the most interpretable format for the operator requires the data to be presented to the operator in different formats.

The 5000 series has vertical trend, horizontal trend, vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph and numeric standard displays. In addition, the 5100V, 5180V and the 5000B are available with the screen builder feature.

Screen builder allows users to customise up to four additional displays to best reflect a given process. Any of the standard display formats can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Pictures may also be loaded into a 5000 Series instruments for use as a background image. This allows multiple fully customisable displays for the 5000 Series, allowing data to be presented in multiple custom formats while including the traditional vertical chart for reference. Thus data from the field can be displayed as required.

The 5000 Series can record data for up to 48 channels. Noting that 48 channels of data on a single screen could be difficult to interpret, the information for particular zones can be grouped, allowing data for a particular sector to be shown on one screen, and further zones on other screens. The touch screen making it simple to switch between screens and formats.

The 5000 series data management systems allow for monitoring of 1 to 48 channels of data, which can be any analog or digital input, or information from serial communication devices such as barcode readers.

The 5000 Series are all provided with Ethernet comms as standard. Factory floor sensors can to be directly connected to the existing office computer network via any number of 5000 Series modules allowing the operator to monitor and chart in realtime the performance of the plant from a desktop PC.

The user has the choice of either downloading the data via the Ethernet comms on demand or the system can be setup to automatically download the data, thus eliminating the possibility of data loss from memory overflow.

Internal memory of 19MB (5180V) provides ample internal storage, should the office Ethernet network or server fail for any reason. On reconnection of the Ethernet link, data transfer is resumed logging all data that was stored during the outage of the network.

All channels are monitored simultaneously (parallel measurement), with scan rates up to 8Hz (125mS), allowing for simplified data comparison. Thus 125mS simultaneous recording of data can be achieved independent of the number of channels being recorded - be it a single channel or 48 channels.

Often the recorder is used to monitor the plant or line performance, in-built change-over relays allow basic alarming and if needed process shutdown without the need for external alarm modules.

For remote realtime viewing, the Bridge 5000 software package provides total access to the 5000 Series of data management systems - including viewing of data, operation and configuration of the unit.

The custom screens, as with all the formats, are viewable with Bridge 5000. This software gives operators a connection between a 5000 Series and any PC anywhere in the world - using a Local Area Network, dial-up connection, Intranet or the Internet.

No longer do operators need to be near to the process to access live or historical data, view and acknowledge alarms - or even to change the configuration of your data recording.

Bridge 5000 is powerful and flexible but does not compromise the security of data.

Each user can have a specific User Name and Password with customized security access - allowing anything from just viewing data to controlling batches or full configuration permissions.

If required, the auditor features can be enabled to provide the most advanced data security and traceability available.

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