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Circular recorder with PID control

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article image Chessell model 394 chart recorder.

THE Eurotherm Chessell circular chart recorder model 394 is a multi-point annotating recorder. The use of a multi-point printhead provides for up to 6 channels of colour recording with the ability to print text on the chart including channel values, time, date, scales and totaliser values.

A 20-character digital display provides for simple setup and instantaneous information on individual channel inputs and alarm outputs.

Up to 18 relay outputs can be fitted, driven by any internal recorder event such as channel alarm, totaliser overflow, totaliser output etc.

While up to four of the input or maths channels can be output as a linearised current or voltage signal.

Up to six current loops can be powered by a built-in 25V dc power supply unit which is suitable for most loops.

Using the computer industry standard type 1 SRAM PC-card, the recorder's configuration can be stored for transfer to another recorder or to a PC for manipulation using the PC configuration tool.

Process data can also be stored on the PC-card in a format readable by standard spreadsheet packages or, alternatively, in a compressed format that can be used with the Eurotherm Review Software, a Windows-based package for viewing and printing charts.

Maths, timer, counter and totaliser options provide the recorder with integrating and counting facilities, and the ability to carry out calculations ranging from simple arithmetic functions (e.g. subtracting one channel's value from another) to complex application specific functions such as Mass Flow calculations.

The communications option uses the MODBUS RTU protocol to ensure compatibility with standard SCADA software and other types of industrial equipment such as PLCs (the 394 acts as a slave device). The RS485 specification allows multiple instruments on a single communications link.

Accurate and stable universal isolated inputs on each channel allow for 15 thermocouple types (inc J, K, T, L, N, R, S, B, P etc), RTD (including 2 and 3 wire - Pt100, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000 and Cu10) plus ohms, millivolts, volts, milliamps and digital inputs.

Two independent PID controllers can be case mounted to provide PID control of related process variables. The recorder is fully configurable from the front panel using push-button keys to follow a series of text prompts at the display.

Access to most functions can be password protected as a part of the configuration process. The recorder can also be configured from a PC based package, allowing the user to set up the configuration off-site for later downloading to the recorder. Eurotherm Australia 02 9634 8444.

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