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96-channel video graphic recorder

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article image The 5180V 180mm video graphic recorder.

THE Eurotherm 5180V 180mm video graphic recorder is now available with Modbus Master communications allowing recording for up to 96 channels of data from direct analogue inputs, Modbus RS232/RS485 Serial data or Ethernet TCPIP modules.

The 5180V is also provided with Ethernet comms as standard. Factory floor sensors can be directly connected to an existing office computer network via the 5000 Series allowing the operators and managers to monitor and chart in real-time the performance of their plant from their desktop PC.

The user has the choice of either automatically downloading the data via the Ethernet comms on demand or the system can be setup to automatically download the data, thus eliminating the possibility of data loss from memory overflow.

For remote applications where connection to an Ethernet hub is not available, the 5000 series is also provided with an in-built 3.5" (1.44MB) Floppy drive.

Internal memory of 13Mbyte provides ample internal storage, while memory cards allow for up to 1GB storage should this be required.

Data is stored in an encrypted format, ensuring data security and reliability, allowing the 5180V to be using in applications where FDA or EPA regulation need to be met.

The 5180V has a large 180mm full colour TFT LCD touch screen with a simple to use user interface. The touch screen user interface allows the user to easily access bars and trend graphs, alphanumeric displays as well as customised user displays.

The base unit provides for six software configurable universal inputs - expandable to 48 channels of direct analogue input, plus another 48 channels of Serial or Ethernet communications.

Inputs are electrically isolated and can be independently software configured for all standard process. Inputs include thermocouple, RTD, millivolts, volts, milliamps, ohms plus contact closure. This allows one recorder to monitor all your process variables.

All channels are monitored simultaneously (parallel measurement), with scan rates up to 8Hz (125mS), allowing for simplified data comparison.

Thus, 125mS simultaneous recording of data can be achieved independent of the number of channels being recorded - be it a single channel or 96 channels. For alarming requirements, up to 27 relays can be fitted to the 5180V.

Advanced mathematical capability, the ability to group and view selective inputs and the ability to build custom mimic panel style screens allows the operator maximum flexibility when setting up their system.

This enables the operator to quickly and easily obtain and manage data about the current plant performance such that the plant can be optimised for maximum efficiency.

Totalisers, counters and timers are also available for advanced recording options. The 5180V can also be upgraded via simple keycodes on site to add additional features such as batch control, full audit trail complete with digital signature security meeting CFR21 Part 11.

Fully automated data management and archiving software is provided, ensuring data is never lost. The Review software also allows users to chart recorded data and print in either a graphical or spreadsheet format.

Data can also be exported to programs such as Excel for further data processing. Optional remote Real-time viewing and configuration is also available.

The live data from the recorder can be monitored directly on any PC connected to the network using this software, which can be freely distributed.

This software provides the user with the ability to open multiple windows to simultaneously monitor as many recorders they require, do screen dumps of data, view historical data or export to a database file format for use with other Windows-based programs such as Excel.

Up to four computers can monitor the data from a single recorder at the same time, allowing both operators and managers to view data simultaneously.

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