Eurotherm's 30 years experience supports one of the most comprehensive ranges of high quality Control Instrumentation. We specialise in temperature & process controllers, indicators, alarm units, AC inverters & DC drives, paper & graphical chart recorders, power control products i.e. solid state relays & Thyristors. Eurotherm an Invensys company.


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31/01/08 - T2550 PAC from Eurotherm is a high performance, affordable control unit that maximises ROI by offering automatic dual redundancy options to guarantee process efficiencies and protect against controller or communications failures.
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19/12/07 - The versatile new EPower controller which has been under development for 3 years can be used in true power, phase angle firing or burst firing modes to suit the particular application.
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17/09/04 - EUROTHERM’S 2704 hybrid controller is now available with a ratio flow control function block for control of flow and dosing applications in chemical dosing, water treatment, chlorination, mixing vessels, waste incinerators and general ratio control.
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17/09/04 - EUROTHERM has released a Procon Ethernet-based eight-channel thermocouple input module.
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