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Range of cookware available from Eurolux

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The 8mm thick base conducts of the Eurolux cookware heats quickly and evenly across the base and up the sides of the pans. This makes them especially good for curries, casserole, pot roasting, risotto, jams and chutney.

Eurolux  Exclusive has the distinct advantage of carbon fibre reinforced non-stick surface. This surface is tougher than steel and is cut and scratch resistant; this means you can use your metal spatular in the pan.

Eurolux Exclusive is not heat limited this simply means that you can get the pan hot enough to stir fry, grill a steak ect without fear of burning the surface.

You need to ensure that you use suitable oil for high temperature cooking, as you may burn the oil onto the non-stick surface and then you will be cooking on burnt oil not the surface of the pan.

Eurolux Exclusive Cookware will work on all cook tops. Eurolux even do a special range for those people that have induction cook tops.

Eurolux Exclusive has a patented plug in handle system, there are no screws to loosen or fall out no rivets inside the pan to collect harmful bacteria and the handle is oven proof up to 280°C.

All Eurolux Exclusive Cookware comes with a toughened glass ovenproof lid.

The lid knob has the advantage of a steam vent that can be opened and closed. This is ideal for roasting and braising, as you can see what is happening inside.

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