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Eurolux Non Stick Pans and Casseroles

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Eurolux  is the distributor of Germany's non stick cookware in Australia. The product catalog from Eurolux includes induction cookware, cookware sets and different types of cookware such as pans, casseroles. The products from Eurolux also comply to ISO9001 standards. They are also tested to a number of German and American food regulations.

All the products from Eurolux are made of aluminum alloy which is cast in German smeltery. The cast aluminum conducts heat faster than iron or steel making it ideal for use in cookware. The cookware also have 7 to 8mm thick base turned on a lathe. All the cookware also have a non stick surface made of titanium ceramic carbon fibre which gives the cookware resistance against abrasions.

The products from Eurolux have designer handles, one or two sided grip and a cover handle. The products are oven resistant, have energy saving, see through hardened cover and a thermo basic base features.

Other features of Eurolux cookware include a hand cast alloy conducts heat faster and retains heat longer and is shock resistant. Its rounded edges prevents scratching. The bakelight handles are asbestos free, have no screws and rivets, are heat resistant and is certified by TUV Rhineland.

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