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Mineral Makeup range from Eternity Designs

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Exploding onto the global cosmetic arena, the introduction of mineral makeup has put a small Australian OEM business in global demand.

Eternity Designs  is now leading global giants in the campaign for safe cosmetics and have signed the EU amendments, against the use of carcinogens in manufacturing cosmetics, by releasing the Mineral Makeup range made in Australia.

Secrets to mineral makeup.

The key secret to the mineral makeup composition is its unique cosmetic grade ingredients instead of chemicals. Minerals include:

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Zinc oxide
  • Mica forms
  • Iron oxides
  • Kaolin
  • Castor oils and other plant derived waxes

The absence of suspected carcinogens and chemical binders, synthetics or lakes/dyes used in the manufacturing processes has introduced the industry into a new era of Mineral Makeup. The cosmetics are made from the rocks that Mother Nature has created in the Australian Outback. Mineral Makeup has natural sunscreen properties, drawn from the presence of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Mineral makeup medical benefits

The fusion of dense pigments means that serious medical skin conditions can be covered over with loose powder mineral foundations. This includes the painful conditions of severe acne, rosacea redness and life long scars and birthmarks. Doctors and surgeons are recommending mineral foundations for post-treatment and post surgery. This is a truly revolutionary finding that came about after years of formulating the mineral makeup range of foundations, blush, eye shadows, shimmers, bronzers, concealers and lipsticks made in Australia for the world.

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