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New diagnostic troubleshooting tools

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HUNTRON Instruments has announced the addition of another two models to its line of Huntron Tracker diagnostic troubleshooting equipment.

The new models, Huntron Tracker 2500 and Huntron Tracker 4000, include new voltage, frequency and resistance test parameters not available on the Huntron Tracker 2000 testers.

Both the portable/bench Tracker 2500 and the slightly larger dual-trace Tracker 4000 use the power-off analog signature analysis (ASA) troubleshooting technology pioneered by Huntron.

This troubleshooting technique involves applying a current limited ac signal across two points of a component or circuit. The current flow causes a vertical deflection of a CRT trace while the applied voltage causes a horizontal deflection.

The resulting display is a unique V/I signature representing the overall "health" of the device under test. An engineer or test technician can then analyse the signature to determine whether the component is good, bad or marginal.

The dual trace capability of the Tracker 4000 enables technicians to quickly compare the signature of a device under test with signatures of known good devices.

Huntron Instruments, founded in 1976, is a leading supplier of power-off troubleshooting and analysis tools for the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of electronic equipment. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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