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First analysis tool for embedded systems

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APPLIED Microsystems Corporation has introduced the market's first set of software analysis and visibility tools to connect with embedded systems via widely used Mictor-38 connectors.

The company's CodeTEST 3.0 family of tools has been enhanced to support developers using targets designed with bus access using Mictor-38 connectors.

CodeTEST tracks and measures software execution and performance with a 100-nanosecond resolution that gives developers an extremely accurate picture of a system's operation.

The company says this announcement marks the first time that software developers whose target systems use Mictor-38 connections can now conduct software performance, memory, coverage, and trace testing and analysis on their programs.

As a result, developers can generate the highly accurate real-time measurements necessary to pinpoint critical performance and quality issues. By getting the data earlier in the development process, code evolves faster and critical time-to-market schedules shorten.

CodeTEST 3.0 was introduced in April for developers and testers of high-end, high-performance embedded applications in the telecommunications and networking industries.

The new tools comprise the only solution on the market that spans the entire development cycle (from boot to deployment) for all four major protected-mode real-time operating systems (RTOSs): Sun Microsystem's ChorusOS; OSE Systems' OSE; QNX Neutrino; and Wind River's VxWorks and AE.

The Mictor-38 probe assemblies that are now available with CodeTEST will benefit software developers who require a highly accurate, high-speed, low-intrusion data collection agent.

Standard Agilent and Tektronix pin-out router images can be flash-programmed or developers can load their own non-standard, proprietary pin-out configurations.

All configurations can be reprogrammed, which allows users to introduce new pin-out configurations from target-to-target for greater flexibility and repeated reuse of the same data-collection agent. Metromatics 07 38684255.

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